Our Committee

Finn Starkey - Club Captain

Finn, our Club Captain is a third-year Biologist. Finn talks fondly of the trench he has dug on a length at his home cricket club of Brecon in his role as a 'dibbly dobbler'. His favourite thing about UBCC is Stov's interpretation of the sweep shot (all 32 of them.) Finn will go down in UBCC history after his performance in the Triathlon in the Beer Olympics.

Cameron Walters - Club Vice-Captain

A former Social Secretary and third-year History student, Cam is pleased to have been promoted into the Mike Phelan role of Club Vice-Captain. If you need a few pointers on your reverse sweep, Cam is the man to go to as he is the human embodiment of the shot (He claims to have taught Eoin everything he knows). Cam can usually be found in the Gravity smoking area on a Wednesday evening. Winners Win!

Niren Ghosh - Treasurer

Niren will be looking after our money this year while also being a fourth-year Physics student. He is UBCC's Rahul Dravid as he claims to bat 'like a brick wall'. Niren will famously do many things to get his hands on a lucrative Fishies Gold card and having been a third-year fresher his favorite part about the club is the inclusivity. For advice on keeping a great beard, please see Niren.

Seb Waddington - Publicity Secretary

Affectionately known as 'Noodle' due to the certain characteristics of his hair, Seb is a third-year music student and like Alastair Cook has shown that singing and cricket can mix. Seb has often been made to show off his vocal cords on a Wednesday evening, as he holds the title of 'Fresh Factor Champion' from his first year.

Sancho Patterson-Gutierrez - Social Secretary

Sancho is a second-year theoretical physicist and is one of our two Social Secretaries this year. Having told one of the best freshers' stories to grace UBCC he can't wait to organise a few Wednesday nights this year for the club, including an annual dip into the harbour. Sancho is looking forward to taking up 12th man duties when we can eventually get out and play some cricket.

Jack Smith - Social Secretary

Jack is a fourth-year Physics student and is one half of our Social Sec pair. Another third-year fresher, he is looking forward to catching up on two years missed in the club. He considers himself a specialist fielder and like all of us, he lives for Barnesy's chat!

James Whitehouse - Fixture Secretary

James is our Fixtures Secretary this year for the second year in the row (although he wasn't able to do much last year). He's a fourth-year Engineering and Maths student and considers himself the worst of the Three Musketeers. His favourite thing about UBCC is turning out for the Good Blokes XI.

George Harris - Kit Secretary

George is a second-year Chemistry student and is in charge of UBCC's kit for the 2021 season. George (much like all of us) loves 'stash' so is the perfect man for the job. George enjoys sharing his love of horses with other members of the club. If you've got four legs, there's a good chance George has placed money on you at some point.

Oliver Jackson - Tour Secretary

Jacko is this year's Tour Secretary and has promised the cheapest pints in Europe for UBCC's tour in 2021. Known as 'The left-arm seamer' for his first few weeks in the club, Jacko's left-arm swingers have resulted in VC's ability to play the yorker being questioned. He also loves an evening in Gravity, he didn't miss a single Monday Night Gravity in his first year.

Louis Stephenson - Intramural Cricket

Louis, or Rocket as he is more commonly known is a third-year Psychology in Education student. Louis likes to consider himself a 'very fast bowler' although we all know it's easy to bowl fast in a dark sports hall off 19 yards. Being the cricket badger that he is, he has agreed to run our intramural cricket in the summer. Not known for his prowess with the bat it has been said that he would bat 11 no matter who is in the team. 'Beers Hate Rocket!'