Our Committee

Craig Hodges - Club Captain

Hi I'm Craig, a third year also doing Economics & Politics. Often praised for my hair, the art of bowling backwards is one that I have managed to master after 19 years. However, what I lack in pace I make up for in swing, great hands and the ability to drive better than Ian Donald. As the wise Fred Wynn once said, "don't go chasing Hodges' balls".

Ewan Harris - Vice Club Captain

Hi, I'm Ewan, a 4th year Aerospace Engineering student. I love the club and cricket, hate beer and I'm looking for back-to-back promotions for the mighty 3s

Harry Harding - Treasurer

Hi, I’m Harry, a third year Civil Engineering student. I love a single figure score at the top of the order for the Good Blokes XI (the mighty 3s), and I’m the best hungover fielder going. I love fun and caving to beer pressure.

Ian Donald - Social Secretary

My name is Ian and I am a third year studying Economics & Politics. Hopefully that will be an easy one to remember considering I'm the only person in our generation called Ian. I am widely renowned for an ugly 20 up the top of the order, chassis on willow, and having better chat than Craig Half-Volley Hodges.

Milan Mniszko - Social Secretary


Jamie Price - Tour Secretary

Lover of all things soft, peculiar injuries, rooftop shenanigans and being in the pocket of UBCC’s captain, Craig ‘don’t chase his balls’ Hodges. My credentials of having been to Malia, secured me my place as tour sec.

Paddy Sidwell - Fixture Secretary

Hi I’m Paddy Sidwell, I'm a third year English student. Played for all 4 teams in one summer despite being a specialist fielder. Ridiculously safe hands #UBCCTour2018

Charlie Aarons - Intramural Cricket


Riley Evans - Website Secretary

Hi, I'm Riley a second year Computer Scientist. I love cricket, but hate playing. You'll find me scoring, on my computer, pen and paper just aren't good enough.