Match Reports

2021 - 3rd XI vs University of West of England CC

Welcome back. After two votes I’m back again, cheers fellas. Wednesday saw the dingle in action as it was once again home to a cracking day of cricket as UWE took on the UBCC 3s. The tone was set early one with one of the more village … More

2021 - 2nd XI vs University of Bristol CC

By Ben 'Griggsy' Griggs (2s) & Rowley ‘The Gun’ Wing (3s) … More

2021 - 4th XI vs Southampton University CC

After last week’s incredible blunder from Anant, normality has been restored and the UBCC’s resident Dick of the Club is returning to write this week’s match report. Winners win. … More

2021 - 4th XI vs University of Exeter CC

The freezing cold weather warmly welcomed us into the Topsham cricket club where the pitch was looking absolutely gorgeous. ‘Right, can we get some blankets from Aldi then’, I heard Gilet say, as he lit up a cigarette, to combat the cold of course.  Contrary to popular belief, the best way to train for a 50 over cricket game, is with a game of football. What followed was a prestigious moment for the new talent in the team, as the skip bestowed upon us the UBCC caps. Choosing to bowl first, loud cheers could be heard all over Exeter, as Jonah Duggan grabbed the ball and prepared his run up. Accused of ‘socially distancing from the off side’ (classic bant from the skip), the tall man started off with … quite a few wides, some of which bypassed the keeper. … More

2019 - 2nd XI vs Cardiff Metropolitan University CC

Sidwell won the toss and backed his team to put a score on the board. With the assurance of ‘a pretty 20 can go a long way’ from the skipper, Sidwell made his way out to the middle alongside newly appointed social sec Walters. Walters got off to a good start with lovely flicks leg side when the bowlers generously bowled them onto his pads. Sidwell would depart in the 7thover, resulting in  The Tree making his way to the crease. The Tree took 20 balls to get off the mark before playing a Stov-inspired sweep directly behind.  … More

2018 - 3rd XI vs University of Gloucestershire Mens Cricket

Aarons hundred helps league winners UBCC 3rd XI to beat University of Gloucestershire 2nd XI in style. Tom Anderson reports: … More

2018 - 3rd XI vs University of West of England CC

3’s complete an attractive victory over a UWE side short on enthusiasm. … More

2018 - 4th XI vs University of West of England CC

Oliver Newcombe reports from UWE: … More

2018 - 1st XI vs Loughborough UCCE

Amidst pounding rain and with an atrocious forecast ahead of us we woke up at 5.30am to play a game of cricket. The meet was 6.15am at the SU (Lordy’s “what a surprise Wynn makes the meet place two minutes from his house” elicited an enormous chomp from Tubeman) however Cal rocked up at 6.30am after trying and failing at 5.55am to negotiate a lift from Folky. Fred’s claim the previous night that we wouldn’t feel tired because we’d instead be shocked by the early start surprisingly turned out to be complete bollocks … More

2018 - 4th XI vs University of Bristol CC

Charlie Feltcher manages to spell everybody's name wrong. … More

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