Felix still loves batting

Welcome back. After two votes I’m back again, cheers fellas. Wednesday saw the dingle in action as it was once again
home to a cracking day of cricket as UWE took on the UBCC 3s. The tone was set early one with one of the more village
warmups going. Luckily skipper Whitehouse was otherwise occupied, enjoying a 15-minute toss-up in which he was
thankfully given the full run down of how cricket works by the umps, the end result of which being the 3s were sent
into field and hoped to use the moist conditions to their advantage.

Pitch Report: Another fascinating green and muddy strip – very damp and sticky, hopefully ripe for a bit of purchase
with the ball.

The innings began in bizarre fashion as Stevo opened up with two leg side wides before ‘trapping’ the UWE opener on
the pads, quickly causing the umpire to trigger before you could say that’s missing the second set of stumps. UWE left
2-1 of 0.1 as Shetty begrudgingly left the field at a remarkably slow pace. Needs some tips from Panko. The next few
batsmen displayed some of the more unorthodox techniques I’ve seen, as well as attire. This included one man in
joggers, an inside out white t-shirt, and black trainers. With the ball, Derby formed a solid partnership with stevo, and
both got the ball to seriously talk. Despite UWE batsmen managing to get their bats in between the ball and the
stumps, Derby found some great lengths and broke down three defences, all bowled. 10 overs in UWE were 4 down
with the 3s licking their lips.

A brief spurt of rain then saw the covers get some action and in an unfortunate turn of events, the rain also saw the
4s game cancelled altogether. Every cloud however, as this meant beers for them, with a view of prime 3rd team
cricket. Our game had also in the process been reduced to 43 overs.

However, once we got back out there it soon transpired that the opposition had put their only actual batsmen at 5
and 6, one being the skipper, the other someone who loved his pecks a bit too much. Their progress was not made
easy by Stevo and Derby, who provided a rigorous test of their techniques. This ultimately brought the chance of a
catch of cover, but R Wing instead chose to be ‘gun’ and shelled it. Nice Garry. A bowling change then saw the
introduction of R Wing and myself. Another breakthrough saw the UWE skipper back in the pavilion, but unfortunately
6 and 7 then began to trundle along, and a masterclass in bowling in the wrong hemisphere from the Gun allowed
UWE to keep the scoreboard ticking.

Unfortunately, the combination of missed chances, catches falling short, and a hate of run outs (sorry max), allowed
the pair to trundle along and start pushing UWE towards a decent score. One highlight not to be missed was Yurky not
taking kindly to the covers, and leaving a shoulder in down at mid-on. With UWE 100 odd for 5 of 25, another bowling
change brought near cricketing perfection, as left arm offies from Poppers and Max offered some seriously enjoyable
lengths and turn. However, from under our noses a fifty was brought up for Mr Pecks and a breakthrough was needed.
Thankfully drinks arrived, and UWE’s bit of momentum was halted. Going back out, a change was immediate with
UWE suddenly looking to actually be proactive at the crease, and after some quick runs a sublime length from Max
brought the batsmen forward and then back again before taking Mr Peck’s off stump – ‘knickers in a twist’ comes to
mind. Another horrible shot from the other end also brought the next wicket, whilst arousing serious questions about
how we had let these two form a hundred partnership. Meanwhile we were into their second tail. The continuation
of tidy lengths from Max, Poppers, and also later from Lanyard, brought about the end of the innings, and after some
late hoiking UWE finished on 193 ao after 42, with Max taking a 3 fer, and Lanyard himself bagging one after a tidy
Derby catch. We had certainly made a game out of it.

The break saw the consumption of one of the more interesting meals the dingle has seen: fried leftovers over chips.
When cricket did resume, it was Felix Dravid and Krushil to open the account for the 3s. Off to a flyer unfortunately
cannot be used, as UBCC trickled at ones for the opening 8 overs. This pressure unfortunately led to a leading edge
from Krushil saw him return to the dugout, whilst Felix continued his rhythm from last week. This saw Yurkwich make
his way to the crease for the first time of the season. Despite some crisp pieces of timing, he too enjoyed holing out
to the ring, and soon the UBCC found themselves 2 down with not many runs at all. Extras was leading the scoring by
a long way. Felix found his next partner in Lanyard who showed promise before also being out to a ball that can only
be described as genuinely the plumbest thing ever, even when observed from point. UBCC was in desperate need of
a partner for The Wall, and Max was the next to give it a go. He then proceeded to casually plant a six over mid-on.
Turns out this fella was 1xi captain for Millfield – thanks for letting us know mate. These two started to make it look
easy with the scoreboard beginning to mirror that, yet before they could build some real momentum, Max lost a bit
of composure and had to make the long walk back.

The main event was now upon us as in at 6 was Wingers, looking to improve from his previous outing. To be fair, he
actually scored some runs, though gifted 4 through a leaky long barrier. All in all, he got to 11 in decent time before
getting cleaned up majestically. Things you love to see. Felix was still in search of a lasting partner. In at 7 was myself,
keen to build something special with Felix. However, after a few balls I thought it was wise to miss a very straight one,
and after being told to enjoy my long walk back by some 25-year-old villager, my mood was lifted by being able to
watch stevo make his way to the crease. He too didn’t last long after being bowled also. It was soon claimed that he
received a seed which swung in nipped away – don’t worry mate we all miss straight ones. Despite the freshers being
unable to provide anything substantial, Felix was still at the crease chipping away. To the delight of all, his 50 was
brought up and was met with great appreciation from all. Poppers was next to the crease to join him, going out in his
staple light blue helmet. Watching this innings was a joy, in particular the running between the wickets, displaying one
the cleanest postures the UBCC has seen. Much to our disappointment he too fell, bringing Whitehouse in. Due to
Felix’s heroics, we were actually still in the game, with every run being buzzed on. However, nothing lasts forever, and
eventually Felix did fall for 62 chasing big runs in a brilliant display of technique, patience, and temperament.
Ultimately, UBCC required 18 of the last, and then 14 of 3. Derby and Whitehouse combined well, and brought us
agonisingly short, but unfortunately we were unable to get over the line, and UWE somehow walked away the victors.
Overall a very disappointing second innings in a game that really showed the importance of striking when the iron is

What Went Well: Felix still loves batting, Derby still takes poles and the Nibs Nibs award.
Even Better If: Wingers could catch, Stevo could chase the ball when I’m bowling, and anyone bar Felix could get some

Bath Ales Man of the Match: Felix White
WG Grace Stylish Player: Max Hancock
Nibs Nibs Perfect Catch: Elliot Derby
Chai Pani Dick of the Day: Yours Truly
Sandwich Sandwich Wet Sandwich: Stevo


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