Wizards FC

Following the success of the historic 2012/13 season, there is now a permanent UBCC intramural football team made solely of UBCC members. This will provide a chance to build a team spirit throughout the offseason.

Team Photo from 2018

As cricketers our sport is limited to the fair weather of the summer, begging the question what do we do during the winter? In addition to winter nets and indoor cricket we have entered an intramural football team of cricketers and a few friends. Sporting a distinctive shade of purple and yellow we battle the cold each Wednesday afternoon. The 2014/15 season was a huge success as we won every game but one, topping our league comfortably.

The team is open to all but is formed mainly of the second years and older members, due to the fact that freshers generally compete for their halls. It acts as crucial team bonding, something that the cricket club misses out on during the winter months due to not having regular cricket matches, a form of enjoyment, and finally a small amount of preseason fitness for the cricket season; though coach Stov states otherwise! We are always looking for new team members of any standard. #bleedpurple

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